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Photographer, designer, leader, dreamer, and storyteller. 


Jonelle believes great creativity occurs when imagination and capability develop something that impacts and brings joy to others. With proper research, immense planning, and her strong passion, imagination, and expertise, she will help visualize and refine your idea into a result that is not only meaningful but just as importantly, fun!




Her passion for creativity started early in her life. She puts her heart and soul into all of her projects and channels the wonder she had as a child to create art built on love and fostering community.

Jonelle employs a combination of creativity and curiosity to create content that has intention and is impactful to her in several ways. Her thoughts are always on how she can share new perspectives through her shared experiences.

Despite still being a student, these concepts have been a part of her identity for nearly her entire life. Through education and exploration, she has refined her skills to become the creative she is today.

Jonelle Dixon

Originally born in Orange, California, Jonelle Dixon is earning her BFA from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her main mediums include portrait photography as well as digital design. Dixon's greatest inspiration for her work comes from the desire to communicate her personal experience growing up as a woman of color in America. She is also committed to creating work that is inclusive and relateable to all identities. Diversity, inclusivity, and equality are values she applies not only to her life but also to her projects. Jonelle Dixon has worked with organizations and companies such as the nonprofit, Shades of Queening Women's Empowerment, the Nevada Black Student Organization, Bone Vintage L.A, and more. She has self-published two photobooks including, "My Hair is a Reflection of My Soul" and "Essence". Jonelle is also a proud former Disney cast member and Disney Programs Alumni. When she is not behind a camera or 20 layers deep in Illustrator, you can most likely find her with her cat, Meatloaf, and her dog, Honey. You can also find her eating dole whips and absorbing the timeless magic of Disneyland. Jonelle is always looking for opportunities to absorb art in some capacity, whether it be film, music, photography, illustration, or so on. 


Don't be shy, let's be friends!

Stay up to date on Jonelle's latest projects and adventures by following her on her socials. If you'd like to chat, shoot her a DM or email. She is always down to talk about all things design, Disney, or traveling-related! 

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